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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Disney Princess

This Princess Tiana costume is $59.95 at the disney store. It's a costume that will probably be worn in october only or use as dress up once in a while. But, Really? $59? I don't like Tiana as much as the other princess' so, I do not think it's worth it.


This Wedding Dress Ariel Sleepgown for Girls is very cute! It is on sale for $24.50. I think the price is fair. What do you think?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Armani Junior

This dress is on "Sale." It is originally $155 now it is $124. Even if the price is lower I wouldn't want to spend $124. I think the dress is adorable though.


These three dress are all by Armani Junior. Prices are $148, $332 and $132. The first and last I agree that the prices are fair. But, $332 for a dress is insane! What do you think?


This adorable swimsuit is made for a little girl at the price of $95. It is made by Armani (which explains why its so exspensive!) I would buy it cheaper off of Amazon or something cause it is ADORABLE!

Tuesdays Child

This is insane! A dress is $600! It is cute and all but really? $600? I would never spend that kind of money on one dress I may only wear once!
This dress is cute but is it worth $97.50? A little girl would probably only wear it three to four. So I would say it is NOT worth $90.

Cute and Spunky

This is another Saks outfit. It is $773.98. It is made up of a t-shirt, a leather jacket and a cut little skirt. Would you spend $773 on one outfit or a variety of other clothes? Is this outfit worth its price?

Toddler Girls new Dress

This is an adorable YELLOW dress!!! I love the color but, is it worth spending $88.00. It's on sale! Is it worth it?

Toddle Girls

This outfit is $74.50. My aunt got it for my cousin and it really isn't worth it to me. It's made up of a plain polo dress and a cardigan. Well, tell me what you think?

Toddle Girls

I am stuck on Saks right now! Look at this $810 outfit! It is made up of a dress, tights and ballet flats. This model does make this look very cute but, is it really worth $810? I think it's outrageous a pair of shoes costs $220!

Toddler Girls

This is an adorable $1280 outfit! It is made up of a coat, a dress, tights and ballet flats. It is adorable I must say but, is it worth $1280?

Saks Toddlers

This outfit is $115.00. It is from Saks Fifth Avenue. It is made up of a Checked Jumper and a knit top.
Well, Is it worth it?

New Blog!

Hey! I made this new blog about clothes that are too much money but, very cute! Feel free to give me some clothes ideas and thanks for visiting!